Ben Glass's Set It and Forget It Referral Postcard Campaign

How would you like to have the same referral marketing campaign that helped Ben quadruple his revenues in one practice area in less than 24 months? 

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You can easily and quickly implement a referral postcard marketing campaign that:

  • Keeps you in front of your referral sources on a regular basis
  • Demonstrates your success and expertise in your practice area 
  • Makes the referring attorney feel like a hero to the client
  • Does not use any hard selling or tacky persuasion tactics
  • Raises your status and establishes your reputation among your peers and your market

"I quadrupled revenues in my long-term disability practice area, and I attribute it to the quality of the leads that came from this campaign." Ben Glass

If you have a list of at least 25 referral sources and want to see more cases and clients referred to you with hardly any time from you,n this area

How It Works:

  • For each practice area you would like to see more referrals for, we create a large format, journal-style postcard that “reports” the results of a successful case you’ve settled or won. 
  • The content is written in factual, objective style, staying away from promotional, persuasive, or “sales-y” language.
  • The design will enhance the objective nature of the content by looking like a third party reporting source. 
  • The back of the postcard will have an offer for a helpful resource such as a book that can be gifted to the prospect by the referrer, and tell them how to refer. 
  • Once the initial set up and design is done, you just give us new case results every month, we create a new referral postcard, and take care of the rest!  

If you have a list of at least 25 referral sources and want to see more cases and clients referred to you with hardly any time from you,n this area

What Is The Secret To The Success Of This Strategy? 

It is proven consistent relationship building.  

  • Consistency - you’re showing up every month in the same way
  • Demonstration - you’re not making claims, or trying to persuade, but showing real, actual results
  • Reciprocity - you’re offering them a valuable gift (your free resource, such as a book) that will make them look and feel good in the eyes of their prospects
  • Physical mail - you’re taking the time to print and mail something to them which has higher perceived value. And you’re competing in less-crowded space than online marketing.  

Ben saw so much success with this marketing for his disability practice that he started doing it for his personal injury practice. In fact, he mails multiple referral postcards to his entire list, demonstrating his success in his different practice areas.  

In less than 24 months, he quadrupled his revenues in Long Term Disability cases alone, and he attributes it to the quality of the cases that have been referred to him. 

How Much?  

Postcards are only $597 a month, and an initial set up fee of $1475. Plus, bonuses that are available for a limited time. Click below to get started...